Bárcenas says that his money in Switzerland was "like a pension fund outside of Spain"

Bárcenas says that his money in Switzerland was “like a pension fund outside of Spain”

from commercial operations abroad and has acknowledged that he did not declare it to the Treasury, since he had it “as a pension fund outside of Spain”.

The prosecutor Concepción Sabadell has begun questioning Bárcenas today in the macro trial of Gürtel on the accounts he had in Switzerland, where he managed to accumulate 48.2 million euros. The former treasurer explained that his first account in the Swiss country opened in 1988 and it entered the money from commercial transactions made outside Spain with people who were not residents in this country.

“I did not declare it, they were operations outside Spain with no Spanish residents”

“They were operations carried out outside of Spain and preferred to have that money outside of Spain,” said Bárcenas , who has acknowledged that he did not declare that money to the Treasury. “He did not declare it, they were operations outside of Spain with non-Spanish residents,” he reiterated, adding that “that money had him as a pension fund outside Spain.”

He has assured that he never tried to hide the ownership of the accounts, even when in 1995 he put one in the name of a foundation. “In 1995, I created a foundation, but no one is hiding, it is not a screen society, in any case it would be a blind society, because I was seen perfectly,” he said.

“I have never traveled by car or plane with money to Switzerland”

Bárcenas has assured that he has never traveled to Switzerland with money “neither by car nor by plane” and that all the amounts he had in his banks in the Swiss country were received there for his financial operations, and not in Spain. He has defended that all the money he had in Switzerland received there, either by transfer or, in most cases, in cash income, since about 2.5 million of the 8 that he received in his two accounts were in metal.

That money in cash, he said, he entered either personally after receiving it from investors, or his “partner” and “friend” Iván Yáñez, considered as his front man and who took over the management of his fortune in Switzerland days after the Gürtel case broke out in February 2009.

The money in cash entered him, or he personally after receiving it from the hands of investors, or his “partner” and “friend” Iván Yáñez

The prosecutor asked him specifically about an operation and said that on that occasion he received money from someone, which he did not specify, at the Geneva airport and divided the amount into two. Some part she left in her suitcase at the airport ticket office because, as she said, she was going to enter later in one of her two banks and the other took her to the other entity where she had accounts.

“I had stayed with the person in question, he gave me the funds, I left a part in the luggage, I went to Geneva by train and I put him in the bank”, he said, adding that he finally went skiing and on Sunday In the afternoon, before returning to Madrid, he entered the part he had left at the airport in the same bank, since his manager in the other was not available.

“My wife, fortunately, in all matters related to the economy, I signed the documents”

The prosecutor has also asked her if her wife, Rosalia Iglesias, knew about these operations and accounts in Switzerland, and he has disengaged her at all times. “Never” knew about it, she said, and if she accompanied him to a bank she did not know where she was, because “Switzerland is not like a BBVA office. You enter a car with a garage, you are accompanied by a very kind gentleman dressed in livery in the elevator and you have no idea where you are. ” His wife, he added, stayed in a small room, where they offered him “a coffee or a Coke,” and he went into the office to deposit the money.

As to whether she and her children knew they were authorized in accounts in Switzerland, she said no, that he put her to sign the documents but they did not know what they were. “My wife, fortunately, in all matters related to the economy, I signed the documents,” and in that case she “understood that what she was signing and I put in the signature was not a problem”.

“Even if it was in French and it was listed as a place of signature, did not you have any problems with Geneva?”, The prosecutor asked her then, to which she replied: “Even if it were in French and it would sign a place in Geneva”.

He complained to Garzón about the “constant” leaks in the summary

The former Treasurer also recalled that he complained to the then judge of the National Court Baltasar Garzón of the “constant” leaks of the summary of the start of the Gürtel case despite the fact that his secret was declared. As he explained, when the case broke out – the first arrests were made in early 2009 – “the restraint was not respected”. For this reason, he complained to Garzón, who also had to tell him that he was a senator and that if he had any evidence against him, he had the obligation to refer the case to the Supreme Court given his status as a gaucho.

Bárcenas took the opportunity to remind the prosecutor that on two occasions, “with very good judgment” he said “there was no reason to impute to me”. Given its approach, Bárcenas also formally complained to the then president of the Senate, Javier Rojo, the “tremendous seriousness” of the attitude of the police to “try to enter” his house without warning that his goal was to deliver a citation.

More disturbed than in the rest of his statement, Bárcenas has told the prosecutor that this question had already been asked “twelve times” and on all those occasions he had already answered that it had nothing to do with the possible “dissensions”, which precisely “Always exist” in the PP as “in any other party”. “What has to do with the dissensions?”, Has continued Bárcenas, for whom it is “absurd” that “they have wanted to take something from where there is absolutely nothing”. He has recognized, however, that at that time he did have professional tension in his work as treasurer. “But dissensions? … I do not know what,” he concluded.

The treasurer faces 42 and a half years of prison accused of illicit association, bribery, money laundering, falsehood, misappropriation and tax crimes

Bárcenas sits on the bench accused for the first time of corruption in the macro trial of Gürtel, which accuses 37 people related to the plot for their corrupt activities in the period between 1999 and 2005.

The extesorero faces 42 years and a half of prison accused of illicit association, bribery, money laundering, falsehood, misappropriation and tax crimes for collecting commissions that supposedly paid entrepreneurs to the Gürtel in exchange for allocations of governments of the PP, as well as to stay Money from a parallel party accounting.