Concessions and loans for renovating second homes


The real estate market is gradually recovering in recent periods and the projections for the two-year period 2016-18 are encouraging, in fact there should be a substantial increase in transactions, facilitated by price stability and the presence of really advantageous interest rates. In this context, the second-home market is also clearly recovering, as noted by several studies, with those at sea above the shields, because seen not only as perfect locations in which to spend holidays with the family, but also as an investment opportunity .

For second homes, in addition to purchases, renovations are also back in fashion, because in 2016 it will be possible to enjoy important tax breaks from 50 to 65% , based on the Government’s plans for building and energy efficiency measures.

More specifically, the deductions of 65% are applied to all those documented expenses that relate to the replacement of doors and windows, the installation of solar panels in order to produce hot water and new air conditioners, but also on the realization of interventions that improve the energy efficiency of buildings. The seismic upgrading works also fall within this scope, while those simple renovations have a deduction of 50%.

Beyond this, if the owner does not have sufficient liquidity to carry out the work, he may request a restructuring loan , ie a loan to cover expenses for various types of intervention in buildings. In fact, both ordinary maintenance (for example the reconstruction of plasters and floors) and the extraordinary one (with interventions on load-bearing elements of the building such as the roof) are included.

Obviously, as with other types, the requisites required to obtain this loan concern the stable credit position that is sufficient to guarantee the solvency of the applicant, as well as the availability of a certain income.