Credits for microbusinesses by crowdlending in Spain

Microenterprises, despite being the weakest business link in the economy of Spain, have a great importance in the economic base of our country. This is due to the fact that these micro-enterprises represent almost 95% of the total number of companies in Spain.

What are micro-enterprises?

A microenterprise is a small company. Micro-enterprises are part of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

In the European Union, a micro-enterprise is considered to be any company with less than ten salaried workers and an annual turnover (amount of money received) or a balance of less than 2 million euros.

In addition, it is usually the first step that an entrepreneur takes when developing his own business plan.

Micro loans

There are many reasons why SMEs decide to apply for online loans for micro-businesses through alternative funding for crowdlending. Among the most important reasons, there are 5 compelling reasons why it is convenient to apply for a loan for microenterprises.

Credits for agile and simple microenterprises

Getting credit for micro-businesses through crowdlending platforms are very easy. Being an online service, those who have a microenterprise will not have to waste time on trips or long procedures. It is an agile and simple process, thanks to which, in approximately 48 hours, the entrepreneur can obtain his credit for micro-enterprises from completing the application.

Micro loans without additional products or services

Everyone knows the condition of contracting additional products or services in the form of insurance, cards or pension plans, when you need a credit for micro-enterprises through the most traditional financial institutions. These products increase the price of the product that is actually requested – the credits for micro-enterprises – indirectly. Thanks to the crowdlending platforms, it is no longer necessary to contract additional products, only credits for micro-businesses.

Credits for micro-enterprises with free amortizations

Thanks to the credits for micro-businesses through crowdlending, if at any given time the employer wants to make a partial or total amortization, you can do it without any cost. ”

Credits for micro-enterprises with the possibility of reducing interest on credit

Through crowdlending platforms, micro-enterprises have the possibility of reducing the interest rate on their credit. We set a maximum interest rate that may be reduced by investors who reduce their own profitability. Who does not have friends or relatives who want to collaborate with their microenterprise to help them boost their business?

Credits for microenterprises that do not consume CIRBE

Credit for micro-businesses through crowdlending platforms does not consume CIRBE. The CIRBE is the acronym of Risk Information Center of the Bank of Spain, which records all debts owed, among others, by microenterprises. The credits granted through other financing entities such as banks are registered in said Central; something that does not happen with the credits granted by crowdlending platform.