Crowdlending in Spain: data and situation

El crowdlending en EspañaBoth the way of investing and financing in Spain has undergone a change in the last decade. Crowdlending is the modality of alternative financing which more followers have achieved in this period. Crowdlending has revolutionized the financial sector, modernized it and transformed it into a record time.

The success of crowdlending is due to a sum of factors that have coexisted in Spain in recent years. We tell you the factors that have given rise to this new financial scenario, as well as the evolution and current data.

What is the reason for the crowdlending settlement?

Crowdlending is the way of collective financing through loans to companies (or individuals) that are funded through the investment of other individuals.

Its origins are due to the sum of different variables that coexisted in the period of crisis in Spain. On the one hand, the strict conditions that banks began to establish for the granting of financing, and on the other hand, the development of technology that made possible the emergence of accessible online platforms. To this last factor, we can add the confidence of people to carry out part of their financial operations telematically.

For all this, the Fintech have achieved that crowdlending has more followers every day. Then we leave you the keys that have originated the new financial scenario.

  • Collaborative economy We are in the boom of collaborative companies. Society is changing its way of consuming and relating. Every day there are more businesses dedicated to the mediation of P2P supply and demand. The collaborative economy has also settled in the world of financing. Companies get more ethical financing thanks to multiple investors, who in turn receive a reward in the form of interest for their money. Both parties get better conditions.
  • Technology The Fintech have allowed to reduce the terms of the financing, in addition they make it possible to carry out all the online procedures. Benefit both for who requests financing and for the investor.
  • Better conditions Companies manage to finance their projects without small print and without the need to purchase additional products. On the other hand, investors can access higher returns.
  • More possibilities Both parties (investors and companies) can benefit from diversification. As a company you can diversify your debt to have a healthier financial structure and as an investor you can diversify your investment to reduce risks.

Below we show you in data the situation in which crowdlending is found in Spain.


Crowdlending in Spain

According to the study “Participatory financing in Spain, annual report 2017” crowdlending platforms are the ones with the highest volume of capital managed by all types of crowdfunding with more than 35 million euros financed in 2017.

Geographically, according to Statista data, 72% of Fintech companies are located between Madrid and Catalonia.

Fintech companies have also multiplied in recent years, doubling the number of companies in a year and establishing about 300 companies.

Now we focus on our specific data, we show you the market data of MytripleA.

The data of MytripleA

In MytripleA the intermediated volume has doubled from 2016 to 2017 with a growth of 189%. During the first half of 2018 we have already reached 35 million euros intermediated. Every day more private investors opt for MytripleA. Currently there are more than 4000 registered investors in our platform.

Regarding the geographical distribution of the companies that have been financed through MytripleA, Madrid is the Autonomous Community with the most volume financed with 40% of the total of the national territory with 135 loans. Followed by Catalonia (15%) and in third place Cantabria (14%).

Perspectives of crowdlending in Spain

The sources of alternative financing have already revolutionized the investment and financing of companies and individuals. Crowdlending continues with an unstoppable growth, and the positive trend suggests that it will continue along the same path.