Financing for entrepreneurs in Spain

Financiamiento para emprendedores “Choose a job that you like and you will not have to work even one day of your life” (Confucius).

This is the main reason why those who have a business idea decide to start the journey of entrepreneurship.

Thanks to this, the entrepreneur can work on what he had always dreamed, what he had always wanted. But the first obstacle is finding the most suitable financing for your entrepreneurship project.

Do you have a great idea, a business project to develop and do not yet know how to get financing for entrepreneurs in Spain?

In this post we are going to tell you 5 ways to get financing for entrepreneurs.


5 forms of financing for entrepreneurs

1. Financing for own entrepreneurs

This type of financing is basic. It is self-financing that you can contribute to carry out your project. If you self-finance, that is, if you trust your business idea, why are not third parties going to do it?

2. Financing for entrepreneurs through “Friends and family”

Friends and family are those who will most trust you and your project, why not start by requesting funding from them? So you win both: they help you and, in certain cases, get a return on your money; You probably get financing at the best price.

Have you not been able to get financing of your own or by friends and family? Well then you need to look for other alternatives …

3. Financing for entrepreneurs through loans and bank loans

Probably this type of financing is the one that first comes to your head. You need financing, where do you get it? In the bank. Although it is not the only alternative. Why is it the first one that occurs to us? Because until recently, it was the only alternative financing method to the two previous ones.

4. Financing for entrepreneurs through crowdfunding

This type of financing for entrepreneurs is what has emerged not so long ago. It consists in that many people lend or give part of their savings to others, in order to carry out their business or non-profit projects. There are many types of crowdfunding, but in this post we are going to focus on just one: crowdlending!

5. Financing for entrepreneurs through crowdlending

Crowdlending, a word formed by two others in English: crowd and lending. Crowd means crowd and lending loan. What does this mean? Platforms that connect a multitude of people who want to lend their money and get the best return for their savings, with other people or companies that need a loan.