It does not stop to increase the amount of credit cards in Spain

It does not stop to increase the amount of credit cards in Spain

Credit cards

It is no novelty that Spain is one of the European countries that has more cards in circulation. However, it is interesting to know if there are more credit or debit cards . According to the data provided by the Bank of Spain (BdE), in our country, currently, circulate a total of 25,097,000 debit plastics and 44,819,000 credit . We can deduce that there are more plastics that offer credit capital in Spain, since they allow us to make fractioned payments and include many more advantages and benefits, such as insurance, discounts, promotions … than debit.

Discover the ranking with the best cards in the market


For what purpose can the cards be useful?

First of all, debit cards are always associated with a bank account , so its main use will be to make movements with the money that we have in the bank. For example, make payments, transfer, withdraw cash, etc.

The great advantages of these is that they are usually free, that is, without issue or maintenance fee, they allow us to pay online and in establishments, we can extract money without costs in ATMs of our entity and are very useful to take control about our finances and avoid, well, overdependent.

On the other hand, credit cards are also designed to make movements, but with money that we do not have, that is, money on credit . Thus, they can be a more dangerous financial product, because if we are not responsible for their use, we will run the risk of entering into a debt spiral from which it will be very difficult for us to exit. In addition, we must bear in mind that if we do not have one, we will have to wait around 10 days to receive it, as long as the issuer accepts our request.

However, credit cards offer several advantages, such as the option of deciding whether to return the money through full payment (at the beginning of the following month without interest) or split (in monthly fees with fees), including free insurance, promotions, discounts , returns, in some cases it will not be necessary to change banks, etc.

In any case, it will depend on the purpose we want to give the card and our profile, use one or the other.

What are the best credit cards in the market?

It is complicated to establish which card is better, since it will depend, to a large extent, on the advantages it offers. That is, if, for example, we can be more interested in a plastic with refunds in gasoline than another with discounts in clothing establishments. Thus, it will depend on the particular preferences of each one of us .

In any case, something in which we must always look at whether the card will be free, the cost that will apply to us to return the capital in a fractional manner and the links that require us , among others. Below we show a table with the best credit cards in the current market:

Cards Cost for deferred payment Advantage I’m interested
Classic EVO Finance Visa Card 21.00% APR
  • There are no emission or renewal commissions
  • We do not need to change banks
  • Free insurance for purchases, accidents and travel assistance
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WiZink Gold credit card 27.24% APR
  • No emission or maintenance commission
  • Discounts of up to 50% in establishments
  • Free purchase and accident insurance
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Gold Visa of ING Direct 15.00% APR
  • No issue or maintenance fees
  • 3% refund at Galp and Shell gas stations
  • Discounts in hundreds of establishments
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