Sánchez, pleased with the increase in EU money to Spain in the face of migration

Sánchez, pleased with the increase in EU money to Spain in the face of migration

Brussels, June 29 (EFE) .- The Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, today considered “good news” for Spain that the European Council meeting adopted a commitment to allocate more economic resources to the country to lead the country. response to migratory flows in the western Mediterranean.

Sanchez expressed that satisfaction in statements to journalists at the end of the session of more than thirteen hours of its first European summit and after the difficulties that there were for EU leaders to reach an agreement on the control of migration.

The chief executive explained that the commitment that will be reflected in the Council’s conclusions is to increase those resources (which he did not specify) not only for Spain, but also for transit countries of illegal immigration such as Morocco.

The increase of what the EU contributes to Spain to deal with illegal immigration was one of the objectives of Sanchez at this summit, as he explained on Wednesday in his appearance before Congress to report his position in the Rabbit.

In that appearance he practically made the arrival of more economic resources to Spain after the conversations he had had with the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and the German chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Today he stressed that European leaders recognized the increase in migratory flows in the western Mediterranean and the work that Spain is doing in this area and therefore committed to a greater economic contribution to help in this task.

Sánchez also stressed that “the worst news” after the first session of the summit would have been that no agreement had been reached and a European perspective had not been given to a common challenge, such as immigration policy.

He explained that today’s agreement calls on the next presidency of the EU, Austria, that within a reasonable time the entire process that allows for the creation of a common European asylum system can be completed.

“It is not the best agreement, but it is an important agreement that goes in the direction of continuing to give a European perspective to a European challenge such as migration,” he added.

When asked if Spain will assume disembarkation points for immigrants, he explained that he already has them, as well as with a “perfectly instrumented” device that includes the Salvage Maritime, the Civil Guard, agreements with NGOs, and attention centers for asylees and immigrants. .

“We have a full policy deployed, I think the important thing,” he insisted, “is that economic resources be turned over to help Spain respond to the phenomenon of migration in our country.”

That is what he stressed that Spain needed, a greater European solidarity that has now been recognized.

“We can be frankly satisfied, we have achieved very positive things for the country and, at a European level, we continue to walk in that common response,” he added.