The evolution of personal loans online in Spain

This infographic has been created taking into account the Survey conducted by the Directorate General of Health and Consumers of the European Commission and also taking into account the study of Carat Expert: “The influence of the crisis on Spanish households”.

The conclusion that has been made is that many more people than it seems are requesting personal loans online in Spain, specifically 17% of the population, of which the majority are between 25 and 44 years old. They use them mainly to face the expenses that suppose trips, amortize debts, electronic products, reforms in the home or purchases of car. These online personal loans are very easy to request , since they involve a quick economic injection that allows you to solve any unforeseen event.

The Financial Companies consolidate as bearers of this type of personal online loans , while on the contrary there is a decrease in loans that come from banks.

The effects of the economic crisis in Spain are visible in 70% of families that recognize that now their saving capacity is much lower than in previous years. This has been reflected in one of the most typical customs of the Spaniards: the frequent visit to bars and restaurants, which has now been much diminished by the lesser lack of economic liquidity.

But what Spaniards do not forgive is their vacations, to which they dedicate the money they get with personal loans online . Other things to which this money is destined are to amortize small debts and reforms of the home. It is also curious to see how now the Spanish buy less electronic equipment than before, but nevertheless they are much more expensive.

We will be attentive to the economic progress of Spain in 2014. We will see if the small recovery planned by the Government is being met. And we will see what is the evolution of the economic crisis and the saving behavior of Spanish families that every day try to get ahead in the best possible way.