The ten best-selling cars in Spain during the first half of 2018

The ten best-selling cars in Spain during the first half of 2018

With the month of June concluded, we can take stock of how vehicle sales are evolving so far in 2018. During this month a total of 142,728 units have been registered, that is, 7.9% more than in the year past. In the accumulated, during the first six months of this year, 737,670 copies have been registered , which represents an increase of 9.9% when compared to the same period of 2017.

June data reflect a certain stagnation of sales to individuals , who have suffered an increase of only 1.3% , while those of companies and rental companies grow by 13.5% and 13.8% , respectively. The president of ANIACAM, Germán López Madrid , says it is difficult to know the cause of the break, although perhaps the political situation this month, with great uncertainty in the future has influenced consumer confidence and purchases have been postponed, which is not sure they recover.

The accumulated figures of the first semester of the year allow us to make a ranking of the ten most sold models so far in 2018. Right in the middle of this year we can say that the bestsellers of the automotive sector are those listed below.

1. Seat León (21,204 units)

Seat LeonThe compact sedan of the Martorell brand continues to maintain its leading position in the Spanish market. This car was sold in 2017 and, at the moment, it seems to follow the same path. The third generation of the model has virtues and arguments to convince consumers. To his great technological dose in matter of security, infotainment and connectivity, it is necessary to add a complete equipment and a wide mechanical range with alternatives for all the needs. It is sold in versions of gasoline, diesel and compressed natural gas.


2. Seat Ibiza (19,610 units)

Seat Ibiza Seat Ibiza

Another model of the Martorell firm occupies the second position of the list (as happened in the annual sales ranking of 2017). This is the Ibiza, the long-lived utility of Seat that is already in its fifth generation. This specimen arrived on the market last year, making a qualitative leap in all aspects. Larger, livable, safe, dynamic, technological, comfortable and with a greater endowment in connectivity. And all this with a generous supply of propellers that includes a hybrid variant of compressed natural gas.


3. Volkswagen Polo (17,183 units)

Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen group holds the registration podium for the first half of 2018. The third is occupied by the Polo, a direct rival to the aforementioned Ibiza. The sixth generation of the model is larger and habitable. Its load capacity, encrypted 351 liters is one of the largest in the segment. The renewal of the vehicle has been accompanied by an improvement in its dynamic behavior, as well as an expansion of the equipment, in which there is no shortage of technologies in terms of safety and connectivity. The wide mechanical offer includes a sport version GTI of 200 CV.


4. Dacia Sandero (16,728 units)

This sedan, manufactured by the low cost brand of Renault, is still part of the best selling cars in Spain. The best argument that wields in the market is the price. It is presented as a simple and cheap alternative to models such as the Renault Clio or the Opel Corsa. Produced in Romania, it is a vehicle of basic qualities and a bare-bones equipment. Hence, its price starts from only 7,340 euros, corresponding to the variant 1.0 SCe of 73 HP. In addition to this engine, the range has another gasoline (TCe 90 hp) and two diesel (dCi 75 hp and 90 hp). There is also a version of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).



5. Volkswagen Golf (16,559 units)

Volkswagen Golf R Volkswagen Golf R

The gestural control to manage the entertainment system without having to touch it already points to the great technological load that the latest generation of Golf assembles. Do not skimp on endowments to ensure the comfort and safety of the occupants. Driving assistance aids offer a high level of protection underway. The catalog includes various body options (three and five doors, familiar -Variant-, camper -Alltrack- and monovolume -Sportsvan-), as well as an extensive mechanical range, with versions of gasoline, diesel, hybrid (GTE) and electric (e-Golf).

6. Nissan Qashqai (15.9562 units)

Nissan Qashqai

We are clear that the SUV segment has grown the most in recent years. Although the supply of this type of car is growing, only the Qashqai has managed to be placed in the ranking of the 10 best-selling cars so far in 2018 (it was also the only one that was part of the list of the 2017 annual count) . The current model is an update of the generation launched in 2014. Apart from some subtle aesthetic changes, the model incorporates new equipment. The most important one corresponds to the ProPILOT driving assistance system, which controls the direction, acceleration and braking of the vehicle when driving in a single lane on the highway.

7. Renault Clio (15,711 units)

Renault Clio Renault Clio

Available with five-door body (4.06 m long) and a familiar Sport Tourer (4.26 m), the French utility sold today is a fourth-generation upgrade, launched in 2013. The range of engines includes two high-performance alternatives for those looking for powerful cars: the first is the RS 200 hp and the second corresponds to the RS Trophy 220 hp. Obviously, there are other alternatives both diesel and gasoline.

8. Fiat 500 (15.2542 units)

Fiat 500 Fiat 500

The small Italian utility is for sale in our country for a price that starts at 8,800 euros. Its small size – 357 centimeters in length – allows it to move like a fish in water through large cities. Those who need a copy of five doors, with a larger trunk, can opt for the 500L version. Likewise, the brand offers more sophisticated versions, such as the so-called Collezione, with specific finishes and equipment. The same happens with the Mirror variants. The mechanical range includes a version fed with Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

9. Renault Megane (15,171 units)

Renault Megane Renault Megane

The compact diamond brand has been commercial success for more than two decades. The fourth generation of the compact, a direct rival to the aforementioned Seat León, exhibits an image with characteristic aesthetic features of Renault. Equipped with a good habitability, it offers one of the best trunk of the C segment (434 liters). Its equipment includes elements of comfort, security and connectivity, such as the R-Link2 system with 8.3-inch touch screen or the Multi-Sense and head-up color display. Recently, the company launched the most radical version of the catalog: the RS, with 300 HP and four steering wheels (4 Control).

10. Opel Corsa (14,706 units)

Opel CorsaThe fifth generation of the Opel Corsa is available with a body of three and five doors. Rival models like the Hyundai i20, the aforementioned Renault Clio or the Peugeot 208, stands out in four essential points: it is more sophisticated, offers greater precision in driving, elevates comfort and its mechanics are more efficient. The catalog of engines includes a powerful alternative of gasoline, the OPC, which develops no less than 207 HP.